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Banner system at Levelnaut

Yesterday we talked about services for promotion, and today I will tell you about one very convenient and universal tool that you can use for analysis, for statistics and for promotion too. But unlike yesterday's services, all these tools are free.

So, dear readers, today I will tell you in detail about the banner system on the Levelnaut.com website, the main topic of which is crypto social networks of the Internet.

All the banners you need for work are on the right side of the website, which webmasters call the sidebar. Since all the materials of the website Levelnaut.com from the first days of its existence are published in English and in Russian, all banners (with the exception of advertising) are also presented in this form.

And now, let's consider them in the order in which they are located - from top to bottom.

The first and last sidebar banners are promotional. Advertising on the website Levelnaut.com is organized by the WordPress platform, so nothing depends on me here.

Best Projects to Earn Crypto - these banners, more precisely the information that is behind them - helps to earn a crypto cash. This money can be useful to you for creating initial capital, for upgrades and boosters in crypto networks, etc. At once I will say that it is very difficult to earn serious money in these projects.

Best Crypto Networks - is the most important tool in the work of any cryptoblogger. Here is represented TOP100, which is constantly updated and moderated, in terms of relevance.

Potential crypto networks - is a reserve for the TOP100 list and there are projects that for some reason are not included in the TOP100 (did not pass the ICO, did not connect the user compensation system, did not meet all the requirements of crypto networks, etc.) At various periods of time, the number of websites presented here reached 300.

Open University of crypto social networks - in short, it's a knowledge base, training courses for crypto bloggers, the most important library for those who want to master this profession.

Referral Programs of crypto networks - this section is necessary for those who want to earn on affiliate programs and pay much attention to the training of their followers, subscribers and students.

Crypto Socio Groups is the most important place for promotion of your own projects, your blogs, websites, groups, etc. This is a great opportunity to share your links and tell other users about new and interesting projects.

Services for Promotion - here are various websites and platforms that offer both paid and free options for promotion.

Contacts (Contacts) - this banner is understandable to any user, even a beginner. Here you can find contacts, channels and pages of most crypto social projects, as well as a chat in Telegram to contact the Levelnaut.com project administration.

Boris Siomin,

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MMM RB is paying and waxing strong. If you don't do it now. When would you? Don't watch when others are taking the worthwhile risk. The risk is minimal because it just started less than 3 weeks ago.

There is 3% Registration bonus
Min Ph is 0.003 BTC and Max 1 BTC
Become a guider automatically when you have 10 people who have successfully redeemed their pH pledges
Mavro grows daily and you can GH bonus at anytime

The best time to start is NOW as you dont have any excuse. You can start with minimum of 0.003btc . Register today: www.mmmglobal.global/registrat....ion?ref=mmmglobalwor


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Crypto Networking

Today I have very important and positive news for all those users who are seriously interested in crypto networking and can call themselves cryptonetworkers.

The fact is that today I want to give you a tool that can be an excellent indicator of all your work.

This tool is called TOP100 of Crypto Networks and is located at https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/....19/cryptocurrency-so and many of you are aware of this.

Recently, with this list, just a gigantic job has been done and it has become much more useful and convenient to use.

First, now you can not only see all the crypto social networks (or projects approaching in essence to them), but also to find out what the project coin is called.

Secondly, now you can see which of these coins are already registered on the main for all of us website - CoinCapMarket.

Third, now you can just copy this list to your notepad page and save it to your computer's desktop. And then, every month (year or week) enter there the number of coins that you have on each account, in each crypto social network.

You should agree, that it is very convenient and this approach very accurately gives you an idea of ​​what results you have achieved, working in each of the projects.

Especially for those who are just starting (or planning to start) their way in crypto networking, I want to remind you about the existence of the Open University of crypto social networks, where a lot of useful information is collected.

And now, dear readers, I can only wish you good luck in your work and soon become real whales in the crypto social ocean.

Boris Siomin,

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MMM Global RB just launched a few days ago on August 19, 2018. The Admin was one of the original MMM CRO Admins of the original MMM in 2012. There are many MMM structures that are launching these past few weeks and months. They all claim to be the original and some point fingers at the other MMM and accuse them as being frauds. However, in reality there is no original MMM since Mavrodi died and the site was closed down. So now we are stuck with trying to find MMM structures where you can trust the Admin. That is hard to do since you sometimes do not know truly who the Admin really is. They hide behind fake names. Sometimes for good reason.

I just started with MMMGlobal Republik of Bitcoin since it just launched and the CRO is very good. I am starting with .2 btc. We earn 50% on the first PH and then 30% on future PH. We can GH after 14 days. This MMM structure is really growing fast with many new members. So come join me and lets earn together.
regiter : http://www.mmmglobal.global/re....gistration?ref=mmmgl

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