At STRYKZ, we are super passionate about all things football - which is why our team launched the platform, Football-Stars, and eventually decided to take the next step and start our own Token Sale Event.

What makes us so confident in our product? The answer is simple: there are more than 3.5 billion football fans in the world and their desire for more interactive content about their teams is constantly growing. The future of the sport won't be about simply watching a game passively anymore - instead, fans want a chance to really prove their understanding of the game and their dedication to their idols.

With our platform, Football-Stars, we were one of the first movers in offering exactly what is in demand - a state of the art, highly interactive portal with strong partners, that allows participants to feel the action in a new way.
And now, we are taking the next step...
With STRYKZ, we are launching a smart-contract based token on the Ethereum ERC-20 specifications. STRYKZ is created with the goal of becoming the standard token for fantasy sports and fan engagement platforms. Interactivity is a key part of our philosophy which is why there will be several ways for users to earn tokens:

by contributing content to Football-Stars
by taking part in the developer program
by playing in token-based Challenges

With this, we will ensure a healthy circulation of the token and a steady influx of new users to our platform - which in turn, will benefit everyone who invests into our Token Sale Event!

Does this sound exciting to you? Do you have any questions or details you'd like to have clarified? We aim to be transparent and close to our community - which is why we've opened a Telegram chat. Join us there for any questions or feedback you might have!

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In order to earn in the ICO, it is necessary to have a ETH-wallet adapted for ERC-20 address.
Link for registration:
Video instructions how to properly register:

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