MMM Global RB just launched a few days ago on August 19, 2018. The Admin was one of the original MMM CRO Admins of the original MMM in 2012. There are many MMM structures that are launching these past few weeks and months. They all claim to be the original and some point fingers at the other MMM and accuse them as being frauds. However, in reality there is no original MMM since Mavrodi died and the site was closed down. So now we are stuck with trying to find MMM structures where you can trust the Admin. That is hard to do since you sometimes do not know truly who the Admin really is. They hide behind fake names. Sometimes for good reason.

I just started with MMMGlobal Republik of Bitcoin since it just launched and the CRO is very good. I am starting with .2 btc. We earn 50% on the first PH and then 30% on future PH. We can GH after 14 days. This MMM structure is really growing fast with many new members. So come join me and lets earn together.
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những gì là tốt nhất so với nhận được hàng ngàn tuyến dưới trong một vài tuần miễn phí. bạn liên hệ với họ bạn cho họ thấy cung cấp của bạn bất cứ lúc nào nhiều như u cần. xem có bao nhiêu người dưới tôi hơn 241 nghìn người,

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